AI, Defcon, and Sad Bing

This episode of the Event Tech Podcast features co-hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger engaging in a lively and diverse discussion about the latest trends and applications of AI in event technology, with a particular focus on their personal experiences with various AI tools and platforms.

Key Topics:
  1. Developments in AI and Event Technology: Discussion of recent advancements in AI and how they are influencing the event tech landscape.
  2. Personal Experiences with AI Tools: Will and Brandt share their experiences using different AI tools, such as ChatGPT and MidJourney, highlighting their functionalities and practical applications.
  3. Google I.O. Announcements: Insights into Google I.O.'s latest announcements, particularly those related to AI integration into workspace tools and their implications.
  4. Security and Ethical Concerns: Addressing security issues in AI tools, including a White House initiative for hacking AI systems at DEF CON to test their vulnerabilities.
  5. Future of AI in Everyday Applications: Predictions and expectations for the integration of AI into daily tools and platforms, like Photoshop and Raycast, and how these advancements could shape user experiences.
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(This episode was recorded before Will became Head of Klik for Bizzabo)
AI, Defcon, and Sad Bing
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