Credit Cards and Travel Management Tools

In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger delve into the world of financial and travel management technology in event planning. They discuss innovative tools and strategies for handling corporate expenses, especially focusing on the use of corporate credit cards and employee expense management. The conversation highlights how these technologies can streamline processes, provide security, and improve efficiency in managing event-related expenditures. Will and Brandt also share their personal experiences and insights on various financial tools like Ramp, Brex, and Lasso, elaborating on their features, benefits, and potential impact on business operations.

In this episode:
  1. Introduction of Financial Management Tools: Discussion about how tools like Ramp and Brex can enhance efficiency in handling corporate expenses, specifically in the event industry.
  2. Benefits of Corporate Credit Cards: Exploration of how corporate credit cards can simplify expense tracking, provide security, and manage employee spending with customizable limits and rules.
  3. Travel Management and Integration: Insights into how these tools assist in managing corporate travel, setting budgets, and adhering to company policies.
  4. Virtual Credit Cards and Security: The advantages of using virtual credit cards for better security and control over online subscriptions and free trials.
  5. Lasso – A Comprehensive Freelancer Management Tool: An overview of Lasso as a tool for managing freelance staff, integrating travel management, and providing a centralized platform for event staffing.
If you have any unique tools or strategies you use for corporate spending and travel management in your event planning business, share your insights with us! Reach out on LinkedIn, and we might feature them in a future episode. Stay tuned for more innovative discussions on the Event Tech Podcast!

This episode was recorded in 2023 before Will Curran left day-to-day operations at Endless Events and became the Head of Klik for Bizzabo.
Credit Cards and Travel Management Tools
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