Evolving Landscapes: A Shift in Virtual and Hybrid Events

In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger embark on an insightful journey through the evolving landscape of virtual and hybrid events. They delve into the shifts in event technology trends post-pandemic, the nuances of audience engagement, and the future potential of virtual and hybrid event formats. The conversation touches on the reevaluation of event strategies, the role of AI in content saturation, and the speculative impact of upcoming tech like Apple's VR headset on the industry.

Discussions Include:
  • The decline of "virtual event software" and the rise of "webinar platforms".
  • The enduring value and challenges of executing successful hybrid events.
  • The influence of remote work on event attendance and format preferences.
  • The impact of AI on content creation and consumption within the event space.
  • Speculations on the future role of AR and VR technologies in enhancing event experiences.
Quotable Quotes Should You Choose to Share:
  • Will Curran: "We're seeing a decline in hybrid, which is really interesting. It's like the event world is retracting back from the virtual edge."
  • Brandt Krueger: "Hybrid events have the power to combine the best of both worlds, but the real challenge lies in executing them correctly."
  • Will Curran: "The future of event tech might not lie in massive shifts but in how we incrementally improve the virtual and in-person experiences."
  • Brandt Krueger: "Even as technology evolves, the core of event planning remains about connecting people and sharing knowledge."
Evolving Landscapes: A Shift in Virtual and Hybrid Events
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