The Apple Vision Pro - Overhyped or the Computer of the Future?

In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, hosts Brandt Krueger and Will Curran dive into the highly-anticipated Apple Vision Pro. With reviews pouring in, they discuss the pros and cons of this new spatial computing device, its hefty price tag, and its potential impact on both personal and professional environments. Spoiler alert, neither of them has purchased the device themselves, so they analyze feedback from early users and tech reviewers, debating whether the Vision Pro is worth the investment or just another flashy gadget. Tune in to hear their insights and predictions on the future of augmented reality in the events industry and beyond!

Discussions Include:
  • Introduction to Vision Pro: Brandt and Will's first impressions and initial thoughts.
  • Price and Accessibility: The high cost of the Vision Pro and additional accessories.
  • User Reviews: Contrasting feedback from influencers and everyday users.
  • Positives: Transformative potential for personal and professional use, such as workspace customization and immersive media experiences.
  • Negatives: Issues with field of view, comfort, and the effectiveness of the pass-through feature.
  • Future Potential: Speculations on how Apple might improve the device and its applications for events and social interactions.
  • Social Implications: The awkwardness of wearing bulky headsets in public and the societal adjustments needed for widespread adoption.
Quotable Quotes (Should you choose to share):
  1. Brandt Krueger: "It's really, really expensive ... You're looking at forty-five hundred at least by the time you get rolling, if not a heck of a lot more."
  2. Will Curran: "I've seen a lot of positive things about putting windows all around ... being able to take a blank room and turn it into a workspace is really exciting."
  3. Brandt Krueger: "Is it worth it? And for me, as of right now, **SPOILERS***, based on what I've seen."
  4. Will Curran: "I think Apple has the ability to universally create the standard for avatars... Imagine an avatar store, just like the app store, where people could sell avatars into your platform."
  5. Brandt Krueger: "It feels like we're just skirting around the edges of all of this... we all really want, just actual transparent lenses, Tony Stark style."
Tune in for a deep dive into the pros, cons, and future possibilities of Apple's Vision Pro, and find out if this new tech is truly groundbreaking or just another high-priced novelty.
The Apple Vision Pro - Overhyped or the Computer of the Future?
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