The Future of Hybrid... Trade Shows?

This episode of the Event Tech Podcast features an insightful discussion on the integration of technology in trade shows, particularly focusing on the role of e-commerce in enhancing trade show experiences. The guests, Vinit Patil, CEO and Co-Founder of Ribbon, a hybrid trade show platform, and Jesse James, the co-founder of ShoppeObject and VP of International Market Centers, share their experiences and perspectives on how technology is transforming the trade show landscape.

Key Topics:
  1. Integration of E-Commerce in Trade Shows: Exploration of how Ribbon, a hybrid trade show platform, integrates e-commerce into the trade show experience, making it omnichannel and more accessible for both vendors and attendees.
  2. User Experience and Aesthetics in Technology: Discussion on the importance of user experience and aesthetics in technology implementation, especially in curating trade show experiences.
  3. Challenges and Opportunities in Technology Adoption: Insights into the varying levels of comfort and challenges faced by exhibitors in adopting new technology, and how mandatory participation in digital platforms can be beneficial.
  4. The Future of Trade Show Technology: Predictions about future advancements in trade show technology, including potential integrations and new features that could enhance user experience.
  5. Role of Curated Content and Discovery: Emphasis on the importance of curated content and the opportunity for discovery in trade shows, highlighting the significance of storytelling and editorial elements in digital platforms.
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The Future of Hybrid... Trade Shows?
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